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In order to complete this purchase, you must actively accept the following terms and conditions…
By completing a purchase, you grant 2RS and their wholly owned brands express permission to communicate with you via email. This communication includes product and company updates, news, and special offers. You may always unsubscribe from communication by choosing the “unsubscribe” option in any communication you receive from us. Note: we do NOT sell your email or contact information. EVER.
Guarantees and Warranties…

What is your Guarantee or refund policy?

For individual purchases:
This is a package of downloadable assets. All purchases are final. Should you be dissatisfied, please reach out to the help desk and we will work to help you.

For subscriptions:

We guarantee that you’ll LOVE The Niche Lab/Niche Packs, and if for some reason you decide later that you don’t want to be a member anymore, then we’ll happily cancel your membership. We don’t believe in any long term contracts so you can cancel whenever you like. We just require that you give us no less than 7 days notice prior to your next billing date at our RockStar Help Desk Here.

No refunds will be given on past billing.


A common question: “If I Cancel, Can I Keep Using The Niche Packs I Already Downloaded As a Member?” As with most memberships and digital products, when you cancel your Niche Labs membership, your access to new niche packs will beremoved, but don’t worry, you can keep using the niche packs that you already downloaded while you were a member.

Terms and Qualifications
If you purchased a subscription for the NicheLab/Niche Packs:
Your monthly service may be cancelled at any time with at least 7 days notice prior to your NEXT billing date.  You must contact our help desk 7 days prior to your NEXT billing date.
No refunds will be given on past billing or individual niche packs. Sorry… no exceptions.
In the meantime, we are here to help you. Let us help you! 🙂
Results Outside Our Full Control…
While we will strive for your success in every way, we cannot guarantee results that we cannot control. This includes Google rankings and similar 3rd party platforms. We can certainly help you influence results, but we cannot control them. I know, this is common sense – but it needed to be said! 🙂

3rd Party Conflicts…

We cannot warrant or make guarantees regarding 3rd party apps or services in which we have no control. This includes services such as hosting, image hosting, video hosting, or ANYTHING that is NOT our own app/service, outdated apps – such as old web browsers, outdated operating systems, and any other service that causes a challenge. In other words, if you have a 3rd party app that doesn’t play nice with ours, for any reason, we will certainly try to help to our best ability but obviously – services that are not our own, and how they may conflict are not within our control. Therefore, such items and situations are not covered in our guarantee.

Additional Terms…

We are here to help you succeed but in order to qualify for assistance, your account must be in current and good standing.  This includes being up to date on payments, being in good standing with merchant processors, etc. Circumventing the policies via 3rd party payment disputes also disqualifies any stated or implied guarantee.
Buyer’s remorse or “I just didn’t want it” do NOT qualify for refunds.
Please Note:

Serial refunders and those that attempt to abuse the above policy, will be banned from all future purchases by name, email, and IP address. We track every refund requested and if you have purchased more than one product and requested refunds on more than 50% of your purchases, then you are considered a serial-refunder.

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