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  • Current and Future Trainings
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  • One hour, 1-on-1 Consultation
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  • Risk Reward Calculator
  • Pip Calculator
  • Trading Journal (Unlocked in 30 days)
  • Current and Future Trainings (Unlocked in 30 days)
  • Telegram Support Group
  • CTW PDF Guides
  • Personal Trading Books
  • Top-Down Analysis

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Our Students Turn Income Into Profits Everyday

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About Ryan

My name is Ryan Bent, the CEO of Caribbean Trade Wins. 

My trading journey began back in December 2017, where I was first introduced to forex trading and it was the law of attraction ever since then; but this isn’t your typical success story. 

I recall opening my first trading account with about US$800, (which was about $108,000 Jamaican dollars at the time),and was feeling rather confident after watching a couple of trading videos from a popular forextrader on YouTube. 

I thought if he could do it then I could too, then I got a rude awakening within the first week of live trading. I blew my account so fast I didn’t even know that it could have happened so quickly, let along everything within the very first week of trading forex (foreign exchange) in the live markets. I was missing something (well a lot actually), and little did I know the amount of knowledge I was yet to learn on the road ahead. Sometimes it’s the L’s we take that truly pushes us beyond our predetermined limits. By September of 2018, I acquired two more mentors who taught me invaluable lessons on understanding myself first, then aligning that with what I wanted out of life; I thank my mentors for that. 

Then my breakthrough came. I began understanding the make-up of forex trading; not just how money is traded in the New York exchange per say, but how the game works. My mentors then taught me how to appreciate every single dollar made as it was never mine in the first place, then afterwards came the consistency. 

Coming towards the end of 2018, I started to appreciate forex trading so much more and I had this addiction to learning more about it, despite studying full-time at the University of the West Indies. There, I was managing several other personal business endeavors (event housing & performing at different events etc.). 

Consistently practicing the skill of trading led to my breakthrough. Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right. Believe that you can.

To anyone reading this, my trading journey to achieving consistency and profitability might not be the same as yours, nevertheless we are not the same person. 

Hence, as you embark on this journey, I implore you to learn and apply everything being taught in the materials being provided to truly see the results you seek. One of my philosophies are “each one, teach one” which means we help each other grow. So once you become a member of the

Caribbean Trade Wins family never forget, we are one team and we all share one dream.

Financial prosperity awaits you.

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