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Live Case Studies: Red Pill Traffic Hacks & $500-$1,000/mo "Zero Fulfillment" Clients...

This Live Demonstration is "REQUIRED VIEWING" if you want to boost your agency's recurring revenues with a "Zero Fulfillment" service, or want to start and scale a new agency to 6 figures from scratch.


Red Pill Traffic Hacking' campaigns deliver results for clients in 43 hours or less, there's no complicated SEO and can even be done with no effort required from you, as you'll see.

They also make incredible "get your foot in the door" offers to sell your other services to clients who already trust you.

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Ben Littlefield & Dr. Dan

The 2RockStars

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6:00 PM


We've recently been shown the inside of a very unique 'single service' agency that helps get local businesses into the Google 3-pack in just a few months, with the bare minimum of effort and time required, with incredibly high profits margins and a proven 'no fear, no pressure' sales model. (They call it "The King's Rule.")

It uses "Red Pill Traffic Hacking" campaigns so there's no complicated SEO and can even be done with no effort required from you, as you'll see.

This forms the base of the powerful
6-figure agency model that:

  • Grows local businesses by 2-3x in 1-6 months...
  • Drives leads for the kind of customers they wants...
  • Can get them into the Google 3-Pack without SEO
  • Gets you paid $500 - $1,000 per month...
  • Requires only 15-30 minutes per month per client...
  • Requires 0 minutes if you go with "zero fulfillment"...
  • Uses "The King's Rule" to get more clients, more easily and more comfortably..

Watch over-the-shoulder as we reveal the results WE got in the last 43 hours LIVE...

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Places on the live webinar are limited! We can't promise there will be a replay. Our LIVE trainings fill up fast! Mainly because they are significantly better than the information others charge you thousands for...even though this training will be FREE.